Haiti silently sang me to sleep last night. Without any words, I marveled at the way the moon shone bright enough to dull the stars and reveal the majestic serenity of the mountain silhouettes. Surrounded by these rolling hills, Haiti has much to protect and many secrets to hide. Pearly whites greet us every morning and push through the day; these kids are her treasures. Their smiles shine bright enough to reveal the Poverty has taken refuge here. Making His home amongst the tenets that litter the land, He has shown no mercy, but Haiti has raised a resilient people. The likes of Richardson and John assure that Hope still lingers and God still exists.

Yesterday was great. We awoke early to get ready for church. We didn't spend much time with the kids. We sang before our meal as usual, ate and headed out. I got a chance to know Shad a little more on the ride which was cool. We got a flat tire, but was fixed quickly. We made it to church where there were familiar smiles, those of disciples. As arms wrapped around me, I felt home, like I belong, like it will be in heaven I'm sure. We sang songs in Kreyol and Sergine translated the message. And was a considerably good skit. After, we took a tour of Port-au-Prince, which was actually sad and horrid enough to make me nervous and ask God some questions. What have these people done the God would curse such a nation? I don't know, but God is sovereign. I'm not trying to question the potter. We ate at La Epidor, a fancy, air conditioned American type joint. We went to the museum, went back to the orphanage, played with the kids, and then shower and dinner. Electricity went out I guess so the fan was not working and I hardly slept in sweat last night.
Fellow poet
6/18/2012 15:02:33

I am not ashamed of the tears that have freely flowed down my face, so dense that they felt more like molten lava oozing across a Hawaiian landscape. I began this entry but was interrupted by a call that in turn erased all that I'd written... Interestingly, the point at which I was sharing how your words, your David-like poetic description, reminded US (I decided to speak on behalf of your entire audience... yes I am so bold but, too, I regret to say filled pride to arrogantly take on such an endeavor. However, if I may continue in boldness, I felt led to share, perhaps, as a fellow poet for all of my brothers & sisters who read your blog who don't have poetry coursing through their veins. Your words & any reply, to me, seems to beg a poetic response. So, allow me to continue, I ask with all the humility I can muster.) My senses were sharpened and became attuned to the fact that your experience written down for others to vicariously re-live remind US that there is a battle going on. That earth is the location, is the battlefield, is the war-torn location of A SPIRITUAL WAR... Between Satan and His enemy, us. This battle, this warfare, has absolutely NOTHING to do with the trivial matters of this life. No stubbed toe or annoyance at a red light that has momentarily stopped our onward progress toward some destination can COMPARE to the TRUE journey of our everyday life & how our everyday decisions take us to a place, either closer to the room, to the home God prepared for us in Heaven or to the fiery lake. There is a battle being fought every moment for our souls, for the souls of our loved ones & in the place you've had the honor to serve, it is all the more evident how REAL that battle is. Thank you for FIGHTING the battle with tears, with heart, with suffering , with pain, WITH JOY. Thank you for taking the time NOT TO FORGET by spreading the message to those who are here, stateside in lofty comforts. Thank you for describing so eloquently God's beauty, for painting a vision of His creation & for not leaving out your internal battle as your faith is both challenged & strengthened by what your eyes have seen & your hands have touched.


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