Never has such a dry and dusty field been filled with so much life. Little black bottoms race from their morning showers, back to their rooms as the kids get ready for another much anticipated day. Even the roosters, chickens, and goats sing songs and dance familiar dances of unity. Normal is different here, but I like it; it makes sense to me. Pate je. Share. Without knowing, they live like the disciples in Acts; the DNA of children strung together differently. I'm starting to forget that poverty exists here because they have riches that can't be purchased. But, I remain aware, if we are in here working for God, Satan surely creeps around the cement barricades looking for an entrance too.

Yesterday was interesting. I didn't have time to read my bible and pray, so I have to be better with that. But, we had breakfast and got ready for our classes that we were going to teach. My group was Elizabeth, Beth, Ruby, Matt, Kinni, and Wildy, our Haitian brother and translator. In our class was Elizabeth, David, Edmond, Fernando, Aleston, John-Pierre, Coffy, Winjy, and Son-son. Teaching English and math was difficult one, because we didn't know how much they already knew and two, because we were not properly prepared. The kids in our class are brilliant and the coming class days will be better. After, during recreation, many of us lounged around in the shade because it was so hot. Sabrina, a Haitian sister, braided my hair thank God. Class session 2, we taught the Bible and washed the kids' feet. It was great. After class, we had a meeting to discuss all the things going on, ate lunch, napped, and went back to playing with the kids. Oh, I also started to learn a dance with Chi Chi and Sabrina. The kids continue to become warmer. I let John use my camera all day. He acted so responsibly. I should tell him. Then, we went to the roof for our devo about Jesus' Purpose. Dinner time and then D-groups. Didn't shower because of new deadlines, wanted to rebel, but didn't. I enjoyed speaking with Kyle. Sleep was amazing. Many thoughts and questions of these kids old and new struggles are starting to arise. 

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