Behind every scar lies a story, some told and many untold. They serve as reminders of adventures we've taken, mistakes we've made, and times we wish to forget. As I sit with the kids in class, I realize these children won't be forgetting soon. Scars are common on their topography, but their skin remains pastel soft and leather strong. Never has such deep hurt created something so beautiful than yesterday as they decorated masks in class worthy of carnival. But none with enough ostentation  to decorate their pasts or hide their pain. Like rivers and streams give character to a dry land, so their tears have created paths in the palms of their hands; many long nights of crying themselves to sleep I imagine. But, it's not all sad as these scars have designed compassionate jewels. We have much to learn from them.

I started yesterday with a GREAT quiet time. I had enough time to read Psalm 71-72 which almost brought me to tears as I became overwhelmed with David's gratitude. He can not not tell of God's love and justice and sovereignty. This convicted me because that's where I want to be some day. I chewed on a passage from the NT of how we were once objects of wrath, and then prayed long enough to actually remember loved ones back home. I almost cried thinking about Lenz, David, Monte, Mike, the sisters and my family because one, I miss them and two, I feel like I betrayed them by not praying for them for all these days. I can not and will not forget them by being overly consumed with now. It was a great lesson for what could come when my next chapter of life begins. Ate breakfast after QT where Elizabeth challenged me on my leadership with our group; much needed. We taught and learned body parts in class and then reviewed long multiplication and division. Then, we had a break where a lot of people slept. Fish and rice for lunch. I infiltrated the Haitian brother and sister group that kept sitting separate for whatever reason. I got a chance to better know Balinda. Then, bible lesson in class on Daid and Goliath and made masks during arts and crafts. The kids did great. Coffy continues to impress me. He's a big clown, but probably the smartest in the class. Fernando and John-Pierre made me notes saying "I love Lindy." So sweet. Recreation was a lot of soccer monkey in the middle, SUPER humbling. Felipe finished one of the small puzzles so I glued it all together for him. I got my camera back and realized all my pictures up to that point were erased. A small group of volunteers had left to visit another orphanage and a nearby village and came back super emotional at how bad it all was. Others character flaws are starting to come out. Kids are getting more restless with toys. Satan is here. I missed the beginning of dinner so there was no song sang, since I usually initiate it, and I was a bit discouraged, we need more spirituality. Kyle did a devo on Christ's humility which was great. D-group after was good. Hardly had time to brush my teeth because of new curfew which was frustrating since D-group ran long, but I surrendered a respect when leaders stick to their guns, to an extent. Slept like a baby.
Fellow poet
6/18/2012 15:13:37

Your honesty is refreshing & altogether humbling. You remind us to pray for those that we love & your apology reminds me to forgive others, including myself, for not living up to the expectations I have of them/us. I rush to read your next entry.


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