Did we come here to serve or escape? I think I'm starting to confuse what this has become for me. Primary intetntions have morphed as haiti seems to serve me. Brisk breezes cool the day and caress me at night. In the early morning, clouds descend into a silent intimacy as they engulf the rolling mountains. The lake sparkles in the distance like the eyes of an alluring woman. And God winked at us millions of times last night as we looked up to Him in prayer and praise under a true star-studded night. Surely this is an escape...right? As the children melt my heart and the time to leave draws near, it seems obvious that only one has dug my heart can leave such a crater. I hope I can do the same.

I woke up pretty late yesterday. As I was writing my journal, I was asked to koin the leaders meeting. It was a bit long and all over the place, but necessary. I feel like we are feeling more of the burden of the group than the group itself. Breakfast was some sort of seasoned spaghetti noodles and spam. Class was fun and much better although we lost them in math doing fractions. Recreation was spent in another meeting. Emotions still rising along with division and confusion of our Haitian brothers and sisters as they don't seem involved. We must figure out why. Is it us not including them, insecurity on their side, or a mix? I love that we can and do handle issues as they arise in the church and don't sit by quiet as things worsen. Drew did a devo before lunch. After, we washed the kids' hands and served them lunch, so cool. Then, we ate our lunch which was the best so far. Back to class where we taught Daniel and the Lion's Den and painted rocks. Coffy didn't give his best. I've drawn close to him and David. Then, the church group from Oklahoma came and had like a mini-service where they prayed for some of the kids and gave out crosses and candy. Interesting and yes, I was skeptical. They left shortly after. We played Red Rover, Boom Chick-a-Boom, soccer and I had great conversation with Sam. Then, we were going to go to the mountain, but the food came out so we ate and then went to the roof where we all just sang and prayed. It was the first moonless night so the stars were showing off their splendor. I wonder if we shine as brightly to God as they do to us...
Fellow poet
6/18/2012 15:22:40

Oh, how I want to shine for Him, my King, my Maker, my Sovereign God. How I want to be used by Him in wonderful ways to encourage others, to love the unloved, to TEACH His mercy, His truth, His sacrifice, His resurrection power. Oh, Dear God, let Your light shine through me that I may be a beacon of hope... to those stumbling blind in the darkness of a futile captivity... Let me reach them all, all that you have given me, that none will be forever-lost stuck in a matrix of earthly pursuits....


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