A new constellation shined last night as we sat among the kids. The orphanage was alive late in preparation for todays events, but it gave us a chance to speak with these survivors. Looking into their dazzling eyes as we asked about their stories and sang sweet melodies of worship, it was clear their eyes had been witnesses of more than their mouths could attest. Although the lights were on and the stars were out, it was all overshadowed by the whites of their teeth and the twinkle of their eyes which lit our hearts. A place set ablaze by only mother and God, these kids succeeded at doing it too. As the older kids allowed us to embrace them, they returned the warmth ten fold. A sense of ownership and responsibility to care and fight for them took over me. They have lit a candle under my heart and it burns a bitter sweet scent. I will miss them.

We woke up early yesterday to a sprinkling of rain and a cool breeze. We ate breakfast where I have started to encourage others to help serve, which I should've started sooner instead of doing it myself every time. Oh, I didn't mention that I've been helping song lead our meal songs, but loving learning from Kyle more. He's an awesome singer and got some soul in him. I can dig it. Then, off to class to teach how God views children which went well and even had the teacher asking questions. Then, craft with little cut out children around a globe. I stepped out to prepare for the mens devo being had after class. It went really well...I felt. By this time, nearing lunch, everyone was extremely burnt out. We were supposed to get lunch and head to the lake/beach, but there was a road block much earlier because of a situation down the road. Then, it cleared up and we went after much back and forth. We got to the water, relaxed and laughed a whole lot; a much needed get away. A time to cherish for sure. We had a hard time leaving the lake because of the locked gate. Junior sort of broke in to the little house looking for a key and one of the guys gave him a hard time even though Chi Chi had already fixed it. Actually kind of hilarious. We got back safely thank God. Kyle wasn't feeling well so I helped out a little bit with leadership stuff. Sam and I took a hike to scope out the mountain path where we both got stung by a mysterious something. Soon was dinner and the energy was through the roof, INCREDIBLE! We sang like  or 4 songs and we had the rest of the night free. We helped a little preparing for National Children's Day since dignitaries and such were going to be visiting. The rest of the night we spent learning about the kids through Gedline's translation and singing sings with them. I loved the affection of the older David and Walgens. We sang "E mwye adorem" among others. It was a beautiful night. Then, off to sleep for what was a HOT night. 

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