The funeral took place today. The six feet of dirt has been dug out and the coffin lowered into a piece of our hearts where only pain and memories exist now. This is certainly not a good-bye though. The day is filled with heavy tears, hand-crafted gifts and a new found compassion with many of us motivated to action. A resurrection is in the near future. Disciples see death differently. Only now can the real work begin............

Fellow Worker a.k.a. Fellow Poet
6/18/2012 17:20:36

Work, work, work for the Lord. Work...with fear and trembling. Work as if there are lives and souls at stake for that is what the work and fight is about. Work as if the battle is won, for it is. We are already victors, already victorious, already assigned a glorious beginning (not an end) after this life on earth is at an end. Let my tombstone read a worthy farewell as a Heaven-destination will follow. Let no one mourn too long at my passing since where I am going is a better place than this. Work, work, work. Work beside me. Work in front and behind. Help me find more workers for God said there are few yet the harvest is so plentiful. Work, work, work producing good fruits. Work but do not labor in vain. Suck up and soak up the pain, realizing only love will remain and gain wisdom and understanding along the way. Work and be patient for your reward. It is coming.

God bless you.


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